What is HPE Renew?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise sets very stringent quality standards for all products to ensure they meet customer's high quality expectations. With a proven track record of achieving strict targets, the HPE Renew Program re-manufacturing process ensures that all re-manufactured products are certified to be as good as new.

Are Renew products right for me? 

Of course, they are. HPE Renew products are re-manufactured by Hewlett Packard Enterprise backed by same-as-new Factory Warranty, Service and Support. Essentially, the only difference between an HPE Renew and a new product is the lower price. Start thinking Renew!

Benefits of Purchasing HPE Renew?

  • Great Value
  • HPE Certified 
  • Backed with Full HPE Warranty
  • Networking, Servers & Storage products
  • Eco Friendly

What about the Warranty? 

The warranty period for an HPE Renew product is the same as for a new product, unless otherwise stated. The warranty of the HPE Renew product starts with the date of purchase and refreshes the full original warranty. It is important to note that this is not a remaining warranty policy. HPE Renew products are covered by the original service and support, and additional options are also available.

What is HPE Renew Promise?

The HPE Renew promise. The vast majority of HPE Renew products are sourced from the HPE Demo Program equipment or from Hewlett Packard Enterprise factory excess, and are therefore less than 12 months old. With HPE Renew products, you can be assured that you are getting the same high quality and performance which comes with new Hewlett Packard Enterprise products. All HPE Renew products have undergone comprehensive HPE re-manufacturing and testing processes, ensuring they are fully restored to meet HPE certified standards. It is only then that they qualify for full HPE warranty your guarantee of HPE quality and reliability corper.


HPE Remanufacturing Process

Upon arrival at the HPE Factory, all products are required to pass a series of inspections and tests based on strict HPE Factory standards. After passing the inspection process, products go through reconditioning which involves intensive cleaning of all sub-assembly parts and racks as well removal of labels and regeneration of new product labels. Finally, storage drives are reformatted and retested to ensure data integrity and a licensed version of Operating System is restored and latest firmware updates are installed.