Has Windows 11 Strengthened The Case For Chromebooks

There are two main concepts after Microsoft's recent introduction of Windows 11 and the Windows 365 Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering. The initial reaction was upbeat and practical.

Some IT teams may see Windows 11 as an opportunity to accomplish a quick win. It makes very little changes to the Windows desktop's foundation, perhaps allowing a 'nicer' user experience to be pushed out with less disruption.

However, the thinking was not wholly negative; it made me wonder if Microsoft is serious about aiding clients with more transformational aims. We are not discussing here personnel who need workstation-class machines for more demanding tasks like media production, software development, and other tasks, but rather the general population of business users.


Windows 11 isn't Going to Change the Game.

If you were hoping for something game-changing, you'd be forgiven for being disappointed. Even if you didn't notice Microsoft silently abandoning the idea of a lighter, simpler desktop OS, the excitement surrounding Windows 11 implies a reaffirmation of the status quo. This means that complexity-related costs and distractions will continue to plague administrators, security teams, and finance managers.

Shifting the desktop stack to the other side of the network via on-premises VDI or cloud-based DaaS isn't the solution. With shared images and various forms of virtualization, you can accomplish some simplification. However, you're still left with a complicated systems stack that consumes resources and necessitates a significant amount of management effort to protect, operate, and support. The pricing of Windows 365 confirms this: you'll pay in one way or another.

In light of this, I've heard some analysts say that Microsoft's apparent lack of ambition with Windows 11 could increase interest in the Mac, especially considering Apple's recent hardware advancements. Others have stated that the time has arrived for Desktop Linux to step up and take on Windows head-on, despite prior failed forecasts.

The issue is that MacOS and the most popular Desktop Linux distributions use the same 'fat client' computing model as classic Wintel. While there may be strong reasons to choose them over Windows 11, they will not help you solve the problem of desktop estate complexity. If you deploy enough of either, you'll end up in a similar situation to your Windows setup.

As a result, the case for Chromebooks has arguably strengthened significantly. Google already offers the basic, lightweight solution that some had hoped to see from Microsoft via this route. Furthermore, at ten years old, Chrome OS is well-established and comes with a full set of administration tools as part of the Chrome Enterprise package.

Have You had your fill of annoyance yet?

Of course, many IT departments continue to choose Windows as the centerpiece of their desktop strategy, some for strategic reasons, others simply because it's "better the devil you know" or to avoid the expense and inconvenience of switching. If you've read thus far, you're probably familiar with at least some of the difficulties and disappointments I've stated, so the question now is where to go next.


There's a lot to consider if you want to investigate the prospects of Chromebook adoption, even if it's only for a small percentage of your customers. I'll be looking at the practicalities in the next posts, based on feedback from people who have already made the switch, as well as vendors like Citrix, HPE, Dell, and others who have helped them along the road. I'll also discuss the necessity of thinking about end-user computing in terms of a new model, and how this may be revolutionary for both IT teams and consumers.

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