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AUDIO ALERT/For use with E-04
ELT ANTENNA/Whip type. For use with ACK ELT's.
ELT MOUNTING TRAY/For use with E-04 ELT.
ELT REMOTE CABLE/Black, 15'. For use with ACK ELT's.
ELT REMOTE SWITCH/For use with E-04, E-01.
ELT SYSTEM/121.5, 406 MHz, GPS capable, includes 250 knot whip antenna (E-04.8) and full install kit
ELT SYSTEM/121.5/406MHz/GPS capable/includes full install kit/no antenna
ELT SYSTEM/121.5/406MHz/GPS capable/includes Mach 1 blade antenna & full install kit
STATIC SUPPRESSOR/For use with E-04.8 Antenna

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